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The University of Michigan's premier op-ed magazine


Our Mission

Since 1983, Consider Magazine has been the University of Michigan’s premier op-ed publication for exploring pertinent topics through a variety of student/faculty perspectives. By providing the campus community with a semesterly print publication and online blog posts regarding controversial topics, Consider Magazine is able to to ignite civil conversation and engagement through an impartial lens. 



Our Vision

40 years later, the Consider staff endeavors to advance the mission of our founders by:


  • Equitably presenting a variety of perspectives to Consider readership in order to foster a greater understanding of differing views. 

  • Choosing relevant topics that the University of Michigan community is craving to consider. 

  • Sourcing a legion of student/faculty op-eds to showcase a diverse range of multifaceted viewpoints for every issue.

Consider is here to start the conversation. We hope you continue it.

Meet the Team

Consider Magazine is an entirely student-led publication comprised of three major teams: Publication, Design, and Marketing. The extraordinary contributions of all Consider members produce the thought-provoking content that contributes to the intellectual well-being of our campus and beyond.


Our publication team brainstorms, writes, and edits content for the print publication and online blog. The publication team also works directly with any guest writers contributing to the print issue. 


Our design team is responsible for creating magazine layouts and artwork for the print publication using the Adobe Design Suite, capturing the essence of Consider topics and articles in visual form. 

Our marketing team works to promote Consider’s mission and on-campus presence, developing unique ways to engage the campus community through our printed publication, social media platforms, and on-campus activities.

Executive Board

Michael Hartt.jpg

Michael Hartt



Talia Belowich.png

Talia Belowich


Managing Blog Editor

Sydney Lesnick.png

Sydney Lesnick


Publishing Director

Team Members

Gigi Alaish.jpeg

Gigi Alaish


Associate Editor, Blog Contributor

Thomas Gala-Garza.jfif

Thomas Gala-Garza


Marketing Associate, Blog Contributor

Logan Klinger.JPG

Logan Klinger


Associate Editor, Blog Contributor

Megan DeGrand.jpeg

Megan DeGrand


Associate Editor, Blog Contributor

Eva Ji.JPG

Eva Ji


Art & Design Specialist

Nick Pranger.png

Nick Pranger


Marketing Associate, Blog Contributor

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