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From full moons to retrogrades, what’s in store for your month of June?

Horoscopes by Nick Pranger

Get excited everyone! June is here, Spring has already sprung and it’s time for Summer.

Everyone should be aware of the full moon in Sagittarius on Friday June 3rd; you might feel emotional or ready to disengage with things that no longer serve you. The space you create by letting go will invite better and brighter energies for the rest of the year, so don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and what you deserve.

Then, on the 18th, we have a new moon in Gemini. Use it, and the following days, to set new intentions and start new manifestations, as this is the best time to do so. This is a very powerful month, so try to ground yourself in reality and limit social media time so that you don’t get too lost in the sauce.

As we transition from Gemini season into Cancer, let’s go over some horoscopes for the next month.

Gemini Sun and Rising:

On the 5th of June, Venus moves into Leo, so expect more communication coming your way. If you’re single and want a relationship, now is a great time for you to plant those seeds. Since this Venus in Leo lasts until October, you may feel overconfident and a little short with people. Make sure to keep a level head so that you don’t burn bridges, and communicate your needs since your support system will influence you heavily.

Cancer Sun and Rising:

Get excited y’all! It’s almost your season. This full moon may leave you feeling a little drained. This could be a sign for you to take a step back to focus on your own wants and needs. Notably, since Pluto retrogrades on the 11th, you may feel a stronger pull to focus on your relationships, romantic and platonic. Since we enter Cancer season on the 21st, and Mercury also enters Cancer on the 26th, you will feel super powerful. This is a perfect time to actively fulfill your wishes and manifestations. Your goal for the month is to realize your worth and use it to accomplish your goals.

Leo Sun and Rising:

Leos, you all are spotlighted this month. You will be appreciated and your talents will be recognized. This month, you are the main character. This full moon energizes your romantic relationships and your personality will become even more magnetic. However, during the new moon you may feel stress or pressure in your platonic relationships. When disagreements arise, be sure to approach them with composure. This calm will center you, helping you rediscover your core values. You may feel drawn to new people. This month, don’t shy away from them. You will find power in community.

Virgo Sun and Rising:

Virgos, you may start this month feeling on edge due to the various astrological phenomena opposing your energy. The Sagittarius full moon may cause you to hyperfixate on the mistakes of the people you live with, Mercury entering Gemini on the 11th may rock your boat a bit, but it will pave the way for career growth and development. However, since we transition into Cancer season on the 21st, you may feel better rested and more patient since there will be less astrological friction for you to deal with.

Libra Sun and Rising:

This month, you may feel more assertive in work and in your personal life from the early full moon. Use this energy to push yourself at work. During the new moon, you will be reminded the importance of setting firm boundaries respectfully. With the turn into Cancer season, you may feel emotional, perhaps more than your liking. Lean into that and really feel your oats. Collect yourself, write down what you are feeling and use that as fuel for the rest of the month.

Scorpio Sun and Rising:

The first half of this month is mental for you, Scorpios. The full moon may make you feel the need to start something new: an adventure, a job that more closely represents your goals, a new romance… Take this time to update yourself and make sure you're surrounding yourself with things that reflect your values. You may feel like you’re second guessing your decisions, but by taking a Marie Kondo approach to your life, you should sail smoothly into Cancer season. That transit will make you feel adventurous again––it will help you bounce back from the energies of early and mid June that made you feel less than.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising:

Your full moon on the third invites a very strong romantic energy. The new moon mid-month and the transit into Cancer season, you may get yourself into a new relationship. With all of the romantic energy around you (and given that you’re stereotypically a very flirty sign) remember that vulnerability is one of the most powerful human traits. Revel in it.

Capricorn Sun and Rising:

Capricorn, this full moon will make you feel rather introspective. You will be called to focus on yourself more during this time so that you have energy to give to your loved ones later. The new moon encourages new routines. You will find power in repetition and you may want to set some intentions about your wellness, physical and mental. This will frame your Summer, so use your time and energy wisely.

Aquarius Sun and Rising:

Aquarians, this full moon is urging you to say YES to the project you’ve put on the back burner. It is a great time for you to start a new adventure or hobby that you have been procrastinating, even more so if this project involves your close circles of people. This new moon in fellow air sign Gemini may show that a romance is brewing. This strong Gemini energy will help that come to the light. Especially with Cancer season just around the corner, you may find something you weren’t originally expecting. Keep your eyes peeled, and embrace all these new opportunities.

Pisces Sun and Rising:

There’s a lot going on for my Pisces individuals this month. This new moon will empower your creativity and imagination, so for the first half of this month, use this energy to benefit yourself however you can. During the latter half of the month, you may feel a bit lighter if you let yourself indulge in the small joys––nostalgic hobbies and interests could make a comeback and have a good impact on your mental. At the month’s very end, Neptune will begin to retrograde for 5 months in Pisces, so this whole month could feel a bit cloudy. This retrograde is difficult, but will be easier to navigate if you ground yourself in truth.

Aries Sun and Rising:

Aries, you all will start off this month with a bang. The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius will help you achieve those higher goals. When you do, remind yourself that this is what you have worked for and you deserve the success that comes your way. Now, on June 5 when Venus enters Leo, let yourself into the spotlight. Since Mars has been in Leo since May 20th (and lasts until early-July), your planets of love and intimacy will then be charged. Now all this excitement may be tiring, and the transit into Cancer season could leave you pretty sensitive. Engage with your sensitivities and use them to build yourself up during the final weeks of June.

Taurus Sun and Rising:

Hello my fellow Tauruses! This month you may find that the full moon amps up your self-confidence and stubbornness while also shifting your focus to energies rather than what’s physical. Use this time to explore what’s going on inside your head. Maybe start a new hobby or workout routine. The new moon mid month is an amazing time to set intentions about, and manifest, health and wealth. Your options are plentiful, but be sure to be calculated. Do not make rash or impulsive decisions. Keep a level head, and use what you learned about yourself earlier in the month to inform your next steps. In doing so, you solidify a bountiful Summer.


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