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Welcome to the online blog associated with Consider Magazine at the University of Michigan.

Consider has been on Michigan's campus since 1985,

when it was founded by a group of students who wanted to “start and continue discussion on campus, and provide a forum for the expression of views on important local, national, and international topics.” Things haven’t changed much since 1985 and as an organization, we’re pretty excited about that. Consider Magazine is dedicated to providing readers with differing perspectives on important topics, allowing each person to draw their own conclusions.

One of the few changes we have made as an organization was expanding the size of our print publications (you can read them all since 2012 here.) Even our founders recognized that not all topics are dichotomous, and each team since 1985 has done their best to showcase more than just the two main arguments of a topic. In 2016, we took a step away from our old format, a two-sided, point-counterpoint magazine, and a step towards the format our readers are familiar with. We are now a point-counterpoint magazine that highlights four different perspectives, four different articles. Solidifying the idea that topics are rarely black and white.

So, how does the blog tie into all of this? There is so much more to explore about each of Consider’s issues than just what we are able to publish. Not only are there more than two main arguments to topics, but there are other ideas, facts, opinions, and testimonials about the topics that extend beyond our point-counterpoint format. “Consider: Blogs” is here for readers who can’t get enough of our topics; who want to read more opinions, more arguments, and more stories. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Thanks for your interest,

Kirsty, Adam, and the rest of the Consider Team


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